Best Kava Supplements for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Kava has become popular in the Western world as a natural way to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Best Kava Supplements for Anxiety and Stress Relief
Looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety and stress?

Looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety and stress?

Kava has been used for centuries by the people of the Pacific Islands for its medicinal properties. In recent years, Kava has become popular in the Western world as a natural way to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

If you are looking for a kava supplement that will help you reduce your anxiety and stress, then read on! We have compiled a list of 10 of the best kava supplements on the market today.

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Why we choose Kava Supplement

Millions of people suffer from anxiety and stress, which can lead to all sorts of problems like insomnia, weight gain, and even heart disease.

It's hard to know where to turn when you're struggling with anxiety and stress. You might have tried prescription medications, but they often come with a long list of side effects.

Kava supplements may be the answer for you. Kava has been used for centuries to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Our top-rated kava supplements have been shown to be safe and effective in reducing anxiety symptoms.

Double Wood Kava Kava Supplement

Double Wood Kava Kava Supplement

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Welcome to the world of Double Wood’s Kava Kava Supplement! Our unique product brings you 1,000mg per serving, with 120 capsules filled to the brim with High Purity Potent 3-5% Kavalactones Root Extract. We know relaxation is important — and we’ve got you covered no matter where you are or what time it is.

Our supplements have been manufactured in the USA with vegan safety in mind, meaning that everyone can take advantage of their tranquilizing effects, relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. Whether it be your lunch break, a long day at work, or even after bedtime, our natural anxiety supplement is designed to make a difference fast and get you back on track.

You don’t even need a prescription to get started — not to mention that it comes in an affordable tablet form perfect for taking anywhere with ease. Don’t let stress get the best of you — double down on relaxation by incorporating Double Wood’s Kava Kava Supplement into your daily routine!

Why we love it

Introducing Double Wood’s Kava Kava Supplement - your natural way to relax! Looking for a totally organic and all-natural solution to help you unwind? Double Wood offers an effective supplement option that has been extensively studied by multiple sources.

Our quality Kava Kava Powder is extracted from plants and made with veggie capsules, so it’s 100% vegan-friendly. Plus, our versatile supplement is produced with 3 to 5% Standardized Extract, unlike other brands, which have lower extract concentrations leaving you with lackluster effects. You can trust in the potent strength of Double Wood’s Kava Kava Supplement!

Combined with rest, healthy eating habits, and physical activity like yoga or tai-chi, adding Double Wood’s Kava Kava Supplement to your daily routine could help support feelings of relaxation. So if stress has been taking its toll lately, reach for Double Wood’s supplement today - your best choice in organic, all-natural relaxation.

What you should know

Introducing Double Wood’s Kava Kava Supplement – a natural and powerful way to boost your well-being. Our Kava Kava supplement is specially formulated for maximum effectiveness and absorption, so you can get the most out of your daily dose. Not only that, but as part of our commitment to providing safe, high-quality products, we make sure to manufacture each capsule in the USA in accordance with strict standards of gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.

Kava Kava has been used in many cultures around the world as a natural supplement with proven health benefits. Our formula helps support relaxation, stress relief, improved mood quality, better sleep quality, and more! Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting all these benefits without any synthetic additives or fillers. Plus, we offer a 2-month supply in every bottle - 60-day servings at just two capsules per day - making it super simple to support your wellness routine.

At DoubleWood Supplements, we take pride in providing natural products that help bring out your best self. With Kava Kava supplementation, it doesn’t have to be complicated – double down on healthier living with DoubleWood's Kava Kava Supplement!

NOW Supplements, Kava Kava Extract 250 mg

NOW Supplements, Kava Kava Extract 250 mg

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Are stress and anxiety affecting your life? NOW Supplements offers a natural alternative – Kava Kava Extract! Our herbal relaxation blend* gives you the soothing benefits of an ancient rainforest plant, with 30% Kavalactones. These powerful extract capsules provide a great sense of calmness, restful sleep and supporting emotional well-being so you can get on with life feeling relaxed.

t NOW Supplements we are passionate about developing high-quality health and lifestyle products that you can trust. Our Kava Kava Extract is third-party tested for purity and strength to ensure quality in every capsule. We believe that natural supplements can help enhance well-being and so our easy-to-swallow capsules come in 120 for a two-month supply.

Try NOW Supplements Kava Kava Extract 250 mg today for relaxed peacefulness Day or Night - perfect for when it matters most! It’s time to take control of your emotions with our Herbal Relaxation Blend*. Let us help find your balance – mind, and body!

Why we love it

Introducing NOW Supplements Kava Kava Extract 250 mg, a natural way to soothe your days and help you relax. Derived from the roots of the pepper plant, Kava Kava Extract provides a unique remedy for stressful times that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

Our product includes 250 milligrams of top-quality yakka root extract — perfect for relieving anxiety and tension quickly. Plus, each capsule is completely vegetarian and free from artificial ingredients.

Kava Kava has been used traditionally in island cultures for centuries to unwind after long days. Now, with our supplement, it's easy for you to bring a bit of this holistic approach into your life. Kick back, relax, and stay calm with NOW Supplements Kava Kava Extract 250 mg!

What you should know

Are you searching for a natural and safe remedy to help reduce stress, encourage peaceful sleep, and provide relief from minor pain? Look no further than NOW Supplements' Kava Kava Extract 250 mg! This awesome supplement is renowned for its ability to induce and promote sleep as well as aid in reducing pain and calm anxiety. And now that it’s a vegetarian capsule, our product is more accessible to everyone looking to enjoy the amazing benefits of this remedy.

Our product contains the highest quality ingredients that are 100% pure, tested, and analyzed for optimal potency and efficiency. Each serving of NOW Supplements Kava Kava Extract 250 mg provides 250mg of Piper methysticum root extract. Thanks to its calming effects, it really does wonders when it comes to relieving stress-related problems such as tension headaches or insomnia. You’ll feel more relaxed and your sleep will definitely be improved!

Don't worry if your initial order may appear different in form from what you're expecting; our manufacturer has changed the ingredients used in the capsule so that it's now vegetarian-friendly. But don't fret—if for some reason you weren't pleased with what you received Amazon is here to make sure you get the perfect replacement you desire! With all those incredible features offered by NOW Supplements' Kava Kava Extract 250 mg, why wait any longer? Get yours today and enjoy all the great health benefits it has to offer!

Nature’s Craft Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement

Nature’s Craft Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement

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Are you looking for natural solutions to help you manage stress, and increase focus and memory support? Look no further than Nature’s Craft Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement! Our fast-acting mood boost capsules are your perfect ally when it comes to finding stress relief. As a natural nootropic supplement, our formula is specifically designed to increase your overall brain support with the power of kava extract.

We know how important it is to find something that works for your unique needs; that’s why each one of our 1400mg Kava Kava capsules contains all-natural calming ingredients. Our supplement provides an overall sense of relaxation and balance, so you can finally experience less stress and increased mental clarity immediately. You won’t have to worry about feeling drowsy or experiencing any uncomfortable side effects like you might with prescription medications – just naturally derived focus and memory support.

At Nature’s Craft, we believe in offering accessible remedies to everyday issues such as mood swings, stress, lack of focus and decreased cognitive awareness. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up at the start of the day or want a proven solution to aid you in feeling calmer throughout the day, our fast-working capsules are your ideal companion in calming down while increasing overall brain support. With Nature’s Craft's Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement, now you can fortify yourself naturally in order to feel great all day long!

Why we love it

Have you been feeling a little off balance lately? Life can be hard and it can be even harder to manage stress. We understand that here at Nature’s Craft and we’ve formulated the perfect supplement to help you out - Nature’s Craft Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement.

This remarkable supplement is made with Kava root extract, prized for its soothing kavalactones that can bring peace of mind and contentment when life gets tough. Recharge your batteries after a long day or prepare for the big game with this ultra-potent mood booster! It helps promote balanced energy levels without any kind of jitters, allowing for maximum mental clarity and focus so you can tackle whatever comes your way. All of these amazing benefits are packed into an easy-to-take capsule making it convenient to get your doses every day!

Discover the relaxation you need from our Nature's Craft Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement today – pick some up while supplies last!

What you should know

Embrace a sense of harmony and well-being in your life with Nature’s Craft Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement. Scientifically formulated to address the challenges of daily life, whether from work or personal stress, this supplement features powerful kavalactones and kavapyrones which increase GABA levels to help you feel more relaxed and at peace.

Something that sets Nature’s Craft apart is our commitment to using high-quality ingredients in all of our products. Each capsule contains a blend of herbal nutrients that are sourced carefully for maximum effectiveness and purity. And at Nature's Craft, we feel confident that when used as directed this natural supplement can be an effective tool in calming down anxious feelings or helping manage overall day-to-day stress.

So why not try out Nature’s Craft Kava Kava Mood Support Supplement today? Here at Nature’s Craft, we believe in the power that Mother Nature provides through her herbal supplements, and we are here to offer natural solutions to finding better focus, balance, and relaxation. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions you have about our product!

Wakacon Kava Waka Powder

Wakacon Kava Waka Powder

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Introducing Wakacon Kava Waka Powder - the premium, authentic Fijian kava root powder that's perfect for kicking back, relaxing and relieve stress! Our carefully sourced, 16 oz package of this noble root is precisely what you need to get a truly restful experience.

Our Kava Waka powder offers a unique sense of tranquility that has been enjoyed around the world. Whether you make a cup of kava tea or create your own special cocktail blend, excellent relaxation is just seconds away!

Not only does our Kava Waka promote quiet calmness, but it's also fantastic for social gatherings. When shared with friends and family during special occasions, this Fijian classic will undoubtedly have everyone feeling great in no time. It’s the ideal way to loosen up conversations over delicious drinks and nibbles.

We are proud to offer a 100% guilt-free experience when enjoying our Kava Waka Powder; we source responsibly from its native home in Fiji to ensure that real individuals benefit from our transactions ethically! We thus invite you on your journey towards complete relaxation as we guarantee unbeatable quality with every purchase.

So when searching for an all-natural way to recline after a long day’s work, come visit us at Wakacon and order your very own package of our Noble Kava Root Powder – it won't disappoint!

Why we love it

Do you want to feel like you're on vacation, even when stuck at home? Look no further than Wakacon Kava Waka Powder! Our authentic Kava Root powder is sourced directly from Fiji and is guaranteed to transport you to a tropical paradise. With its rich and earthy flavor, every sip of our Kava will make you forget your worries and feel the soothing waves of the ocean.

Kava Root has been used in South Pacific regions for centuries for its calming and relaxing effects. Thanks to its high Kavalactone content, this ancient plant offers an enjoyable and pleasant experience like no other. So if you’re looking for an escape from reality without ever leaving your home, then Wakacon Kava Waka Powder is your go-to kava root powder. Let the goodness of Kava fill your cup today!

What you should know

Have you been looking for an all-natural, responsibly sourced supplement that can help provide calming and anxiety relief effects? Look no further than Wakacon Kava Waka Powder! Our Kava Waka powder is derived from noble Fijian farmers following best practices, so you can be sure when you purchase and use it, you are supporting sustainable farming.

Our dark Noble kava has an unmistakable aroma that will let you know this is the quality product you deserve. The traditional grind makes straining easy and helps unleash the potency of the kava to ensure it gets the job done. Enjoy a natural kick that might just help with your anxiety or restlessness.

Grab some Wakacon Kava Waka Powder today and get ready to go on a relaxing, anesthesia-free journey full of peace and tranquility!

Deal Supplement Kava Kava

Deal Supplement Kava Kava

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Introducing Deal Supplement Kava Kava with Ashwagandha, the most natural and convenient way to unwind! This unique blend of Kava and Ashwagandha is perfectly formulated to support relaxation while enhancing your natural mood with each serving.

A single serving of Deal Supplement Kava Kava with Ashwagandha contains 1000mg of active kavalactones, 5% of which are active in every capsule. These two powerful ingredients combine to create an effective mix that helps reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and boost feelings of well-being. We’ve also packed Ashwagandha Root and Piper Methysticum extract into each capsule for a truly holistic approach to relaxation.

Not only does Deal Supplement Kava Kava withIntroducing Deal Supplement Kava Kava — a triple strength blend of kava kava and ashwagandha! This powerful combination supports relaxation, a positive mood, and overall well-being — making it the perfect companion to help you cope with life’s daily stresses.

Deal Supplement Kava Kava is made from Piper methysticum, a special herbal remedy that native Pacific islanders have used for centuries to relax and promote healthy well-being. Each serving contains 750mg of pure kava kava extract plus 250mg of ashwagandha root powder, providing long-lasting relief throughout your day.

Experience first-hand the calming effect of Deal Supplement Kava Kava and discover its potential benefits – whether you’re dealing with anxiety or just looking to take a break from everyday stressors. With 90 days supply in each pack, it’s conveniently stocked and ready when you need it most. So why not give yourself the gift of relaxation today? You deserve it! Ashwagandha provides great benefits, but it’s also incredibly convenient – 180 capsules come inside one bottle so you have a 3-month supply. And because our supplement is all-natural, you can be sure you’re aiding your body’s internal systems without relying on any harmful chemicals or stimuli.

So why not treat yourself to some relaxation today? With Deal Supplement Kava Kava with Ashwagandha you can say goodbye to tiredness, fatigue, and stress – naturally, conveniently, and affordably!

Why we love it

Welcome to Deal Supplement’s Kava Kava! Our Kava Kava is triple strength and enhanced with ashwagandha, making it one of the most powerful holistic supplements on the market.  Try it for yourself – you won’t regret it.

Our natural Kava Kava is derived from Piper methysticum, an herb native to the Pacific Islands that’s been used for centuries for promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being. Each serving contains a hefty 750 mg of kava kava, along with 250 mg of ashwagandha root powder, giving you a powerful dose of relaxation support in every serving.

If you’re looking to support your mood or want to take a break from stress, our Kava Kava can help you relax quickly and effectively without having to rely on intense workouts or medications. With 90 days per container, a single purchase has the potential to offer long-lasting relief!  So why not give it a try and join the thousands already enjoying the benefits of Deal Supplement's Kava Kava today?

What you should know

Introducing Deal Supplement Kava Kava, the perfect solution for your anxious mind and stressful days! Our premium kava kava pills are 100% natural ingredients, ensuring you get only the best quality product to help alleviate stress and anxiety. We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure our product is free from gluten, dairy, preservatives, tree-nuts, and more. With Deal Supplement Kava Kava you can trust that unwanted ingredients won’t be entering your body.

We understand how hard it is to commit to a purchase based on claims alone so here at Deal Supplements we offer an unparalleled 60-day money-back guarantee - because we believe that everyone should have total confidence in their purchase with us.

Let us be your companion on this journey to finding inner peace. Start feeling relaxed and calm today with Deal Supplement Kava Kava!

FAQ Kava Supplements for Cognitive enhancers and reducing anxiety.

What is the most effective form of kava?

One of the strongest types of kava is “Green kava.” Green kava is kava made from a freshly harvested kava plant. The roots are juiced and diluted with water, resulting in a strong kava beverage. Most kava drinks are prepared using kava root that is washed and dried post-harvest, then ground into a powder

Which kava is best for anxiety?

The 5 Best Kava Supplements for Anxiety to Create a Calming Experience

1.    Drink Root Instant Connoisseur Blend Premium Dehydrated Kava Juice. ...

2.    VH Nutrition Kava Kava Piper Methysticum Extract Capsules. ...

3.    Wakacon Kava Fijian Waka. ...

4.    Yogi Tea – Kava Stress Relief – Eases Tension and Promotes Relaxation. ...

5.    Ozia Kava Candy, Ginger.

Do kava pills get you high?

Kava can induce a sense of well-being, reduce or remove your anxiety, make you more contemplative, increase your awareness of your environment, sharpen your senses in general, or even make you feel like sleeping, but it won't make you "high" unless abused rather drastically.

What should I look for in kava supplements?

Kava Capsules

As with kava tea, look for products that list the kavalactone content. For example, one capsule may contain 100 mg of a kava root extract that is standardized to contain 30% kavalactones. Knowing this information will help you avoid consuming too much or too little kavalactones.

When should you not take kava?

Four sources still recommend careful use of kava. Lake and Spiegel, Mischoulon and Rosenbaum, the Natural Standard, and Weil counsel that kava should be avoided in individuals with a history of liver disease or alcohol use, and in those who are taking concurrent medications with potential liver toxicity.

Is kava a stimulant or depressant?

Kava is a central nervous system depressant. Even though there is no alcohol in kava, it can produce similar symptoms to drunkenness, including difficulty with balance, and slurred speech. The effects of kava on your body can depend on: your body size.

Does kava work like Xanax?

It's said that kava serves as a natural alternative to widely used drugs like Xanax and Ativan. These drugs are prescribed to millions of people each year, and they are part of the class of drugs called benzodiazepines.7 Mar 2022

Does kava increase GABA?

The increase in GABA activity may also be secondary to kavain's suppression of thromboxane, which further enhances GABA activity. In addition, kavalactones inhibit calcium channels, and various kavalactones may do so additively, producing a reduction of calcium influx by as much as 70 percent.

What's the best way to consume kava?

The best way to consume kava is by drinking it, Lebot says. The traditional beverage is made by steeping kava, either fresh or as ground into a dried powder, into cold water in order to extract its active components

Is kava worse for the liver than alcohol?

There is some evidence that kava that is prepared with water is less harmful to the liver than suspensions prepared in acetone or ethanol. Studies have shown that consumption of kava supplements leads to a slower reaction time and an impairment of motor skills

Does kava damage the liver?

Reports in the United States and Europe have linked kava with severe liver problems. Kava-containing products have been associated with at least 25 reports of liver-related injuries (including hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver failure, and death).

Can you drink kava every day?

Dosing. Kava is available in many different types of products, including teas and other beverages. Kava extracts have most often been used by adults in doses of 150-400 mg by mouth daily for up to 2 years. Speak with a healthcare provider to find out what type of product and dose might be best for a specific condition.


After considering all the information we have provided about Kava supplements, you now have a better understanding of the benefits and risks associated with taking them. While Kava supplements do offer many stress-relieving and calming effects, it is important that you pay special attention to dosage instructions on the packaging. Doing so will help ensure that you are receiving the best quality product while avoiding any potential side effects. Additionally, if you are unsure which supplement is right for you, don’t hesitate to speak with your healthcare provider to get expert advice and appropriate dosing information. At last, if you decide Kava supplements are an option for reducing anxiety and improving cognition in your life then why not take advantage of our great offer today? Push the button below to check out the price on some of the best Kava Supplements available today.