Best talking dog buttons

With the help of technology, you can now experience just that with talking dog buttons. In this article, we will explore some of the best talking dog buttons available in the market today

Best talking dog buttons
We all know that our furry four-legged friends can't talk, but what if they could?

We all know that our furry four-legged friends can't talk, but what if they could? Wouldn’t it be fun to hear them bark out words of encouragement and love? With the help of technology, you can now experience just that with talking dog buttons. In this article, we will explore some of the best talking dog buttons available in the market today. From interactive buttons that respond to your voice and touch, to buttons that play back a variety of sound clips and phrases, you will find the perfect talking dog button for your pup. So what are you waiting for? Read on and get ready to give your pup a voice!

Talking buttons help dogs understand human language, as well as help them communicate back to you.

You can record simple phrases like "outside" or "food" and use the included step-by-step teaching guide to introduce them to your pup.

Some have not only been able to communicate needs and wants, but also seem to relay more abstract concepts such as feelings or time.

Cats, birds, guinea pigs, and horses can also learn to use buttons using the Talk to the Beans method during daily 10- to 15-minute training sessions.

A set comes with four colorful buttons that allow you to train your dog to understand basic commands.

Help your dog or cat communicate with recordable talking buttons.

FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit - Dog Buttons

FluentPet Sound Butto

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for Communication - Compact Talking Buttons for Dogs and Cats - Dog Talking Button Set with 2 Recordable Buttons and 2 Compact HexTile Soundboard Mats

The FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit is a revolutionary way to communicate with your pet. This kit contains two recordable buttons and two compact HexTile soundboard mats that allow your pet to communicate with you in their own way. The buttons are designed to recognize different voice commands or phrases and respond accordingly when pressed. With the FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit, dogs and cats can easily learn how to communicate with their owners.

FluentPet also sells additional buttons and Hextiles individually.

Why we love it,

  • Talking Buttons Starter Set: Our FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit is a fun and simple language platform for dogs and cats. This kit helps you find out if pet buttons for talking are right for your learner
  • Customized Learning: Our cat and dog buttons for communication lets you choose the words you'd like to teach your pets. They insert easily into our durable, non-slip HexTiles for convenient word organization
  • Easy to Use: Our compact recordable buttons feature high-fidelity speakers. Each of our talking buttons for dogs and cats activates at the slightest touch so smaller learners can use them easily

What you should know

  • With Room for Growth: If your pet learns word buttons easily, you won’t have to start over with a new cat and dog buttons setup. Just grow their vocabulary by adding more HexTiles and buttons
  • Step-by-Step Training: Get access to guided button teaching and a community of devoted trainers to help you realize the potential of your dog or cat with FluentPet

Voice Recording Button, Dog Buttons for Communication

Voice Recording Button, Dog Buttons for Communication

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Pet Training Buzzer, 30 Second Record & Playback, Funny Gift for Study Office Home 4 Packs (Blue+Pink+Yellow+Purple)

The Voice Recording Button, Dog Buttons for Communication Pet Training Buzzer is a great way to help your pet learn their commands. This pack of four comes with three different colors - blue, pink, yellow and purple - so you can mix and match to fit your pet's personality. The buttons are easy to use: simply press the button and record up to 30 seconds of audio. You can then play back your recording to your pet so they can learn their commands. With this button, you'll be able to train your pet quickly and easily!

Why we love it

  • 【Clear Recording】The recording button can record up to 30 seconds, and the sound is clear. You can repeat the sound you recorded, or you can re-record it. Small size, easy to carry. Very practical and interesting!
  • 【Pet Training Buzzer】You can record commands such as "food", "drink", "outside", "yes" and "no" to let your pet communicate with you; just a little patience can make you understand the pet's mind. Very suitable for training cats, dogs and other pets, different color buttons can be used as options for different training.
  • 【Fun Gifts】The recordable button is great for Entertain interactions, pranks, desk gadgets, leave a message, send to your friends far away and so on. The most creative birthday/holiday gift, leaving you with memorable memories!

What you should know

  • Easy to Use】Click the REC button, begin to record voice message after hearing the “beep”; 2. Release the REC button after finishing recording, then you can hear “beep beep”; 3.Click the button, you will hear your recording voice. The battery can be installed and disassembled without tools.
  • 【Environmental Protection Material】The button is made of ABS plastic, which is natural and environmentally friendly. It is powered by two AAA batteries (Not included in the package), low power consumption, long-term to use.

ChunHee Dog Buttons for Communication Dogs

ChunHee Dog Buttons for Communication Dogs

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Speech Training Buttons Talking Sound Buttons-Recordable Buttons for Dogs-30 Seconds Record Butt

ChunHee Dog Buttons are the perfect way to train and communicate with your dog. This set of buttons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to customize your training program. Each button is designed to trigger a specific sound or command when pressed. The buttons are also recordable, so you can record up to 30 seconds of any sound or command that you would like your dog to learn. The buttons are made of durable and high-quality materials, making them reliable and easy to use. This set is perfect for all types of pet owners, from first-time trainers to experienced professionals.

Why we love it

  • 🐾【Recordable Voice Button】Build connection via these talking buttons with your dog, better sounding dog training buttons for communication. DIY record sound you want (up to 30 seconds), like "Go Outside""Love you""Food", etc.
  • 🐾【Better Sound Quality】The biggest problem with other dog speech buttons is poor audio quality. We were build our recordable buttons with loud & clear high quality voice speaker, ensuring top audio quality.
  • 🐾【Stronger Button】Be it a heavy-footed Great Dane, high energy boxer, or super smart cattle dog our word buttons for dogs are reinforced to help stand up to small pats and big steps as they’re learning what each button does for them.

What you should know

  • 🐾【Multi-purpose】The recordable button can not only help you train your pet, but also be used as a games interactive buttons and as a language education buttons for people. It can also be used as a phonograph between family, company and friends.
  • 🐾【Easy to Use】The switch at the bottom of dog speaking buttons can be used to control the "REC" and "PLAY" modes. Swith to REC, press and hold the top button, you can start recording. Swith to PLAY, press and hold the top button, you can play the recording.
  • 🐾【Battery Included】Each recording button comes with 2 batteries, a total of 4 recording buttons (Yellow, Red, Blue, White), so a total of 8 batteries are given away. To solve the problem of not having a battery right away, it is more convenient to use.

Dog Communication Buttons Mat

Dog Communication Buttons Mat

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Anti-Skid Rubber Backing Dog Buttons Mat with Word Training Speaking Buttons Sticker for Dog Talking Buttons Set Fit Indoor and Outdoor(8 Buttons Placement)

The Dog Communication Buttons Mat is the perfect solution for teaching your pup how to communicate. This innovative training tool includes an anti-skid rubber backing, allowing it to stay in place indoors or outdoors. The mat also comes with 8 different word-training speaking buttons and a sticker set that allow you to customize your dog’s talking buttons by labeling them with various words and phrases.

Why we love it

  • 【"ChunHee" Non-skid Dog Communication Buttons Mat】Dog buttons mat with dog communication button decals for ease of training; For use with any dog talking buttons for communication (dog buttons not included)
  • 【8 Dog Buttons Placement】Dog word buttons training mat has 8 printed placement for dog voice command buttons orderly to improve training effect.Put more dog speaking buttons together to increase the weight of dog word buttons training mat and reduce the possibility of movement.
  • 【NON-SKID RUBBER BACK】Non-skid rubber backing also help hold the pet talking buttons training mat; And when used dog talking button set mat on the carpet, dog speaking buttons mat will protect the sound,reduce the carpet affect sound effect.

What you should know

  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】The dog training mat is made of durable natural rubber + cloth surface materials, the border is stitched,which is soft texture, durable. The size of training button pad is 23x 11inch , each button placements 3.5inch in Diameter. It weighs 0.66LB.Package includes 20 Pairs round tapes points and indicatived dog buttons sticker.
  • 【Convenient Use】Easily wipes clean without having to move the dog talking button mat, or any of the word buttons for dogs; mat also could be used with buzzers for cats and other applications It is easy to clean and dries quickly, and can be washed in the washing machine.

RIBOSY Set of 6, Dog Speech Training Buzzers

RIBOSY Set of 6, Dog Speech Training Buzzers

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Recordable Buttons - Record& Playback Your Own Voice to Train Your Dog Voice What They Need (Battery Included)

The RIBOSY Set of 6 Dog Speech Training Buzzers is a great way to help train your pup. This set includes 6 buttons that can record and playback your voice, so you can customize and personalize the commands for your dog. With the included batteries, these buzzers are ready to use right out of the box.

Each button has a different design, making it easier for your dog to recognize them. The buttons are also designed to be waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any damage from spilled water or muddy paws. Plus, the buttons have a long battery life of up to 10 hours of use before needing a recharge.

Why we love it

  • 🎵 【UPGRADED REC/OFF/PLAY SWITCH, SIMPLE TO USE】- The switch on bottom to control "REC" and "PLAY" mode and "Power OFF", you can change the message at any time you want, others don't suppot basic OFF function just REC/PLAY switch.
  • 🎵【UPGRADED METAL SPEAKER, SOFTER SPRING】- Built-in metal speaker and softer spring inside button, The volume of the playback is louder and clearer, easier pressing for kids or little pets.
  • 🎵【UPGRADED FUNCTION】- It will play from the beginning even if press mid-message, it means every press get sound out, others 2 press get one sound out.

What you should know,

  • 🎵【THE ULTIMATE COMMUNICATION BUTTON】- Record your own voice to communicate with dog/ cat/ co-workers etc.
  • 🎵【TRAIN YOUR PET】- Use them during day-to-day life with your dog. Be more patience, with repetition and dedication you will see impressive results and have a much better understanding of your pets wants and needs.

FAQ Best talking dog button

Do those dog talking buttons work?

Dog talking buttons have become a popular way to communicate with your dog. Dogs don't inherently know how to use these buttons. You must teach your dog to press the buttons through daily training and instruction. If you can commit to this time with your dog, you may see your pup try to communicate with you, too.22 May 2022

What are dog talking buttons called?

Our favorite dog talking buttons are Fluent Pet Kits, because they are compact, durable, and easy to record and press, and they come in a variety of kits for different skill levels. The Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 Potty Training Dog Doorbell is also a great option specifically for potty training.20 Jan 2023

What buttons do Bunny the talking dog use?

In this viral video, Bunny sought help from Alexis by pressing the buttons “ouch,” “stranger,” and “paw.” There's a brief back-and-forth as Alexis tries to figure out “Where ouch?” before Bunny extends her paw, revealing the painful foxtail thorn between her toes.26 Apr 2022

Do dogs really try to talk?

While dogs may not talk the same way people do, these animals do communicate. Descended from wolves, dogs are very social creatures. They “talk” to each other through scents, sounds, and gestures. Humans can understand many forms of dog communication—they just need to know what to look for!

Do dogs actually understand words?

The canine ability to comprehend human body language and intonation is amazing. Our dogs know more than just “Sit” or “Stay” or “Walk”. They can learn the meaning of many words and can grasp that meaning even better when we say those words in an appropriate tone.

Do talking dog collars exist?

With the Insignia Woof Whisperer, your dog's brain will do all the talking. There's only a 5ms lag between when your dog barks and when the collar lets you know what they're saying.31 Mar 2022

What are FluentPet buttons?

FluentPet's Dog Button Kits

Help your learner discover and remember words with purposefully designed talking buttons and HexTiles. Tester Kit.

Do the cat buttons work?

Radosta says: “Absolutely. Cats are trainable and they communicate with us all the time. If these buttons with recordable words and phrases on them help us communicate with our cats, they will lower the stress that our cats feel because they will be understood and their needs will be met more readily.20 Jun 2022

How do I teach my dog to use FluentPet buttons?

DON'T force your learner to press the button.

Instead, model the words verbally and by using the buttons yourself at appropriate times. Whenever you say a high-frequency word, press the corresponding button then follow through. Repetition and consistency is important, so do this whenever you use the appropriate word.

What's better dog whistle or clicker?

But in dog training we need to use whistles for cues. Not only are they the traditional tool for the job, they are also much better cues than clickers. Their sound carries a long way, and can be lengthened or shortened to create several different signals, such as the recall, the turn, and the stop signal.30 Nov 2014


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