Freeze-dried treats

Freeze-dried treats are the perfect way to show your furry friend how much you care. These treats are made from natural ingredients and freeze-dried to preserve their flavor and nutrition.

Freeze-dried treats
Freeze-dried treats are the perfect way to show your pet some love!

Freeze-dried treats are the perfect way to show your pet some love!

Freeze-dried treats are the perfect way to show your furry friend how much you care. These treats are made from natural ingredients and freeze-dried to preserve their flavor and nutrition. Freeze-dried treats for cats and dogs come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes so there’s something for every pet. They’re also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help keep your pet healthy and happy. With freeze-dried treats, you can show your pet some extra love while also providing them with a nutritious snack.

What are freeze-dried treats?

Freeze-dried treats are a type of pet food that has been specially processed to preserve its natural nutrients and flavor. The process involves quickly freezing the food before it is placed in a vacuum chamber. During the process, all of the moisture is removed, leaving behind the freeze-dried food in a lightweight form. This type of treat is ideal for cats and dogs as they provide them with all the essential nutrients they need without any artificial additives or preservatives. They are also incredibly tasty and easy to digest, making them a great option for picky eaters. Freeze-dried treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors, so you can find something to suit your pet's individual needs. Plus, they are convenient, mess-free and long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about your pet getting bored with their treats.

Why are freeze-dried treats good for pets?

Freeze-dried treats are a great choice for pet owners looking to give their furry friends a nutritious and delicious snack. Freeze-dried treats offer a variety of health benefits for pets, such as:
• All Natural: Freeze-dried treats are made from natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and proteins. This means that your pet is getting the same nutrients found in fresh food, without any added preservatives or chemicals.
• High Nutrient Content: Freeze-dried treats are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that keep your pet’s energy levels high and their coat looking glossy.
• Easy to Digest: Because freeze-dried treats don’t contain any excess water, they are easier to digest than other treats. This can help improve your pet’s digestive health and provide them with more energy.
• Low Fat: Many freeze-dried treats are also low in fat, making them ideal for pets who need to watch their weight.
• Long Shelf Life: Freeze-dried treats can be stored at room temperature for up to two years, so you don’t have to worry about them going bad quickly.
Overall, freeze-dried treats are a great way to show your pet some love while also giving them the nutrients they need. With so many varieties available, you’re sure to find the perfect treat for your furry friend!

How to choose the right freeze-dried treat for your pet
When it comes to choosing the right freeze-dried treat for your pet, there are a few things you should consider. First, take into account your pet’s size and dietary needs. Freeze-dried treats come in a variety of sizes, so choose one that is appropriate for your pet’s size. Additionally, read the label to ensure that the treat is free from any ingredients that may be harmful to your pet.
If you are unsure of what type of treat to purchase, talk to your vet or a knowledgeable pet store employee who can help you find the best option for your pet. Additionally, many pet stores have sample sizes available so you can try different options without committing to a full bag.
When selecting freeze-dried treats, it is important to look for those with high quality ingredients. Look for treats that have real meat as their main ingredient, and make sure that there are no artificial preservatives or flavors. If possible, opt for organic treats as these will be free of pesticides and other chemicals.
Finally, take into account the cost of the treats you are considering. While quality is important, make sure that you are still getting a good deal for your money. Compare prices between different brands and find the best balance between quality and cost.

Where to find freeze-dried treats
When it comes to finding freeze-dried treats for your pet, there are a few different options available. Your local pet store is likely to carry a selection of freeze-dried treats that you can pick up. You can also find freeze-dried treats online from specialty pet stores, as well as on Amazon and other online retailers. If you’re looking for a wider selection of flavors and types of freeze-dried treats, you may want to shop online.
Another great option is to make your own freeze-dried treats at home. Making freeze-dried treats is surprisingly simple and requires very few ingredients. All you need is a dehydrator, some fresh ingredients (such as fruit, vegetables, and meat), and some basic kitchen tools. By making your own treats, you have complete control over the ingredients, which is especially important if your pet has specific dietary needs or allergies.
Whatever you choose, make sure to read the labels carefully and select a treat that is appropriate for your pet's size and health condition.

Recipes for homemade freeze-dried treats
Freeze-dried treats are a great way to show your pet some love, and there are lots of different recipes for you to make your own! With some simple ingredients, like meat, vegetables, and fruit, you can create delicious treats for your cat or dog. Here are some recipes that you can try:

  1. Chicken Freeze-Dried Treats: Take 2 cups of cooked chicken and puree it in a blender. Once pureed, spread the mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit until completely dry. Break into bite-sized pieces and store in an airtight container.
  2. Veggie and Fruit Freeze-Dried Treats: Take 1 cup of finely chopped vegetables and/or fruits and spread out on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 hours until completely dry. Break into small pieces and store in an airtight container.
  3. Beef Freeze-Dried Treats: Take 2 cups of cooked beef and puree in a blender. Spread the mixture onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit until completely dry. Break into small pieces and store in an airtight container.
    These recipes are easy to make, and you can customize them according to your pet’s preferences. By making homemade freeze-dried treats, you can be sure that your pet is getting the best nutrition without any added preservatives or fillers. Your pet will love these tasty treats!

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Bully Sticks 5 pcs

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Bully Sticks 5 pcs

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Why we love it

· SUPPORT ORAL HEALTH WITH FREEZE-DRIED BULLY STICKS: Made of raw beef pizzle and freeze-dried for 48 hours, these chews will gently remove plaque and buildup while delivering the ultimate, nutritious snack your pup will howl for.

· GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE: Freeze-dried bully sticks for dogs are protein-rich snacks, naturally gluten free without any fillers or artificial ingredients.

· BULLY STICKS FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES: Ideal for all ages and breeds, these popular bully sticks are the perfect snack for every member of your canine pack.

What you should know

· 100% USA MADE AND PACKAGED: Freeze-dried, not cooked, ensuring a premium quality snack that is light-weight and delicious for your four legged family member.

· NATURAL DOG TREATS: Because these bully sticks are 100% natural, individual piece weight, color and size may vary.

Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats

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, Beef Liver, Healthy, Natural, Single Ingredient, Grain Free Dog Treat, Liver Treats for Dogs, 21 Ounces, Resealable Tub

Why we love it

· Freeze Dried Liver Treats For Dogs – Pure beef liver, one simple ingredient in every bite, to support strong muscles and healthy eyes. Our grain free dog treats are freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and preserve freshness for the raw flavor dogs crave.

· Healthy Treats For Dogs Of All Sizes – From puppy to senior, small to large, our single ingredient dog treats are perfect for all sizes and life stages. Your pup deserves the best, so treat them to healthy dog treats and keep tongues wagging for more.

· Dog Treats Made In The USA – Stewart pet food is handcrafted in small batches and proudly made in USA at our own manufacturing facilities under the highest quality control standards. Our natural, healthy, protein rich dog snacks are guaranteed delicious!

What you should know

· Packed With Protein, Great for Training – Your dog will sit, stay, and beg for the amazing taste of our dog training treats. Lightweight, easy to break into small pieces, and conveniently packaged in a resealable tub. Treat your dog on every adventure!

· Product Settling May Occur – Our dog treats are packaged by weight, so the tub may not be filled to the top. Treat sizes and quantity may vary. We take pride in making pet parents happy and look forward to hearing from you with questions or concerns.

Pupford Freeze Dried Dog Training Treats

Pupford Freeze Dried Dog Training Treats

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475+ Puppy & Dog Treats, Low Calorie, Vet Approved, All Natural, Healthy Training Treats for Small to Large Dogs (Beef Liver)

Why we love it

· DOG TREATS THAT MAKE A GOOD DOG, GOODER - The best training treats for dogs on Amazon that’s great for puppies & older dogs. For you to accomplish your training goals, you need a healthy, high-value training treat that will make your life as a pup parent 100x easier. Keeping your pups attention is essential when training. These soft dog treats will get your pups attention and help maintain that much needed laser focus.

· ZAK GEORGE 30 DAY PERFECT PUP FREE TRAINING VIDEOS & PUPFORD ACADEMY COMMUNITY - We know that training a pup is no easy task for a young, old, small, medium, or large dog! That's why we offer a 100% free online dog training class led by Zak George. Combine these free training, 30 Day Perfect Pup videos with freeze dried training treats & a high value reward for the best pup experience. At Pupford, we stand behind all our products. If you have issues, contact us & we’ll make it right.

· HEALTHY, LOW CALORIE, & SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - With simple, natural ingredients, our healthy dog treats are the healthiest on the market. Period. Made with only 3 simple ingredients or less. Each treat is less than 1kcal and each bag has over 475 treats inside so it lasts long for lots of rounds of practicing tricks & commands. All ingredients & dog treats made in the USA. All treats are freeze dried to maintain nutrients & taste. No fillers, junk, sugar, or other unhealthy ingredients.

What you should know

· SO DELICIOUS, DOGS MAY LOVE THEM MORE THAN YOU - Your dog will DROOL over the taste of these and that's incredibly important when you're in a training session. Your pup will focus better because of the delicious flavor, savory smell, & small size of every treat. They're also perfect for the simple "atta boy" reward. Having a variety of dog snacks is sometimes important for reinforcing your dog, so we’ve got multiple flavors to switch between for the same great tricks.

· PERFECTLY MOTIVATING FOR PUPS OF ALL SIZES & AGES - Since every bag has 475+ treats in each bag & each piece is small & easily consumable, you can repeatedly reward any breed & dog size (small dogs, medium dogs & large dogs). Each treat is about the size of a pea & can be broken in half for smaller dogs or puppy treats. Our treats have been uniquely designed for lengthy training sessions. Pupford Promise - At Pupford, we stand behind our products! If you have issues, contact us!

Amazon Brand - Wag Freeze-Dried

Amazon Brand - Wag Freeze-Dried

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Raw Single Ingredient Dog Treats Lamb, 3.3oz

Why we love it

· f you like Stella & Chewy Single Ingredient Raw Freeze-Dried Treats, we invite you to try Wag

· Made with 100% real lamb liver

· Gently freeze-dried to preserve freshness and flavor

· Sourced from New Zealand and Australia, freeze-dried in the USA

What you should know

· No added grain, corn, wheat, soy, potato, or egg

· No added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

· 3.3 oz bag of freeze-dried lamb dog treats in a resealable pouch

A Better Treat – Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats

A Better Treat – Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats

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Wild Caught, Single Ingredient | Natural High Value | Gluten Free, Grain Free, High Protein, Diabetic Friendly | Natural Fish Oil | Made in The USA

Why we love it

· DOGS AND CATS LOVE OUR ALL NATURAL TREATS: Freeze dried salmon are great high value treats. They are non-greasy – perfect for training, as a food topper, or simply a heavenly reward.

· 100% FREEZE DRIED WILD CAUGHT ALASKAN SALMON: Our treats are excellent for pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, diabetes, or dietary requirements. These treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and raw-diet approved. Wild Caught Salmon is shown to have 68% less saturated fat and avoids chemicals and antibiotics. We demand the absolute best quality salmon - no additives, no funny business, no nonsense.

· HEALTHY SKIN & COAT: Salmon is a natural source of nutrients and fish oil that contain essential fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, and Vitamins A, B12, and D. These nutrients work together to create healthier skin and shinier coats that shed less.

What you should know

· JOINT & HEART SUPPORT: Omega 3 and 6 in salmon has been shown to alleviate and prevent hip and joint issues, while supporting a healthy heart.

· SUSTAINABLY SOURCED AND MADE IN THE USA: Our treats are sustainably sourced and made in the USA at our FDA regulated facility to ensure human grade quality. Freeze drying is shown to be the best way to preserve natural nutrients with over 61% more nutrients retained relative to dehydration or cooking. Our mission is to ensure only the freshest, healthiest, and best quality ingredients to make A BETTER TREAT.

FAQ Best Freeze-dried treats

Are freeze-dried treats good?

In fact, freeze-dried dog food often contains more nutrients than fresh food, because the freezing process helps to preserve them. Not only is freeze-dried food highly nutritious, but it's also great for training your dog!26 Feb 2022

Is freeze-dried treats good for dogs?

Freeze-dried dog treats are essentially the same thing and provide the same benefits for your pup. Because they are unadulterated, they're preserving the nutrients and improving your pups health.13 Aug 2020

Why are freeze-dried dog treats so expensive?

Freeze drying requires expensive equipment which consumes a lot of energy; these increased overheads result in a costlier product. Additionally freeze-dried dog food typically consists of higher quality food such as fresh beef versus rendered "beef mystery meal".

How do you make freeze-dried Treats?

To make chicken, turkey and beef cubes, dice leftover meat in 1″ cubes (or smaller if you have a small dog). Place on freeze drying trays in a single layer and process. Keep your treats in an airtight container or cookie jar. No need to rehydrate – dogs love the crunch.20 Feb 2018

Is freeze-dried safer than raw?

Raw pet food poses similar risks for pathogenic bacteria as do raw meat and eggs for humans (2,15). Freezing, freeze-drying, or dehydration results in a reduction in bacterial counts but viable pathogenic bacteria survive (2–5,15).

Is freeze-dried still raw?

Freeze-dried food is nutritionally equal to raw food, except for the lack of moisture. The food rehydrates in minutes. It retains the taste, texture and smell of raw food.13 Dec 2017

Which is better for dogs dehydrated or freeze-dried?

The Better Option Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food, and Here's Why

Is freeze-dried dog food raw or cooked?


Freeze-dried dog food is a part of a line of raw, meat-based foods that have ingredients from food animals that are not cooked. The only difference between freeze-dried dog food and raw dog food is that freeze-dried dog food has undergone a process to remove most of the moisture in the product.8 Jan 2021

Do freeze-dried treats need to be refrigerated?

Freeze-dried foods don't need to be refrigerated or preserved with chemicals and can be reconstituted quickly and easily by adding water. Conventional drying methods also have a major disadvantage as the high temperatures used can cause chemical or physical changes.

What Cannot be freeze-dried?

This food preservation technique works great for vegetables and fruits, but you're not limited to them only. You can also freeze-dry desserts, meats, dairy, and cooked meals. However, there are foods that you shouldn't freeze dry. This includes butter, honey, jam, syrup, pure chocolate, and peanut butter.28 Feb 2023

Is freeze-dried just dehydrated?

What's the difference between Freeze-Dried Food and Dehydrated Food? Freeze-drying removes 98% of the water in foods while dehydration removes about 80% giving freeze-dried products a much longer shelf-life. Freeze-dried food is flash frozen and then exposed to a vacuum, which causes all the water in it to vaporize.15 Mar 2017


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